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Baths & Pedicures

After a hard day at play, treat your pup to a warm bath at our grooming station.

Each bath includes shampoo, blow dry and brush.

And if you find it hard to keep your pooches nails trim, just add a pedicure!

Small $25(up to 20lbs)

Med $30(21lbs-45lbs)

Large $35(46lbs-74lbs)

XLarge-$40(75lbs and up)

Flea Shampoo Add $10 to bath

Pedicures $21

Painted Nails $10

Teeth Cleaning $10 each time

Grooming Bath Includes-wash, blow dry, 15 minute brush out, coat condition, nail trim, pad trim, eye, visor and mouth trim, ears cleaned and plucked if needed, and hygiene trim.  Anal glands expressed at owners request. All pups go home with a cool bandana or bow too!​

De-shedding - Added with grooming bath

Haircuts/Styles ​​- includes grooming bath and haircut (price depends on style, condition and length of coat.  Please note some styles may not be possible due to poor coat condition. ​


Shave Downs - includes grooming bath and light scissor finish as needed.  No specific breed style available for full shave down. Price depends on style, condition and length of coat.  Please note there is a risk of injury to the skin if the coat is severely matted.  If your dog is matted and requires a shave down, you will be charged $20 and up depending on coat condition.  Please see Groomer with questions.


Nail Painting-$10

Teeth brushing $10 each time(please provide own tooth brush and paste)

Flea Bath-add $10

Feathers/Ear/Tail Trim-$15 and UP

Prices vary due to different factors per individual pup and what grooming service is requested.  

Please call or text on our grooming line 650-832-8580 to speak with Krissy for scheduling and questions.  

All grooming clients still need to fill out our application and bring in updated vaccinations including the Bordetella within the last 6 months.

**If you can not pick up your dog within 2 hours of the time you are called when your dog is done with grooming, half a day of daycare will be added to your bill of $35.  Thank you as we are still caring for your pup.








Full Service Grooming

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